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Dear Obst,

Thank you for an incredible amount of information on how to play the game. We could not let your site disappear just yet though. The code for the entire site is in it's original state except for this one cell.

Thank you again.

Any questions regarding the site should be sent to admin@nf-guides.net

Contains Details on

  • National Differences
  • How Statistics on Sailors work
  • How Recruits/Experts/Veterans work
  • How to get Recruits/Experts/Veterans
  • Crew Growth per Level
  • EXP Gain when the SailorLevel differs from the ShipLevel
This Guide is about various aspects of the game, a must-read.

Contains Details on

  • How to get the first Ship of a Nation at Level 12
  • How to use a Scout Plane, and Planes in general
  • Soft Defense
  • The types of Ammunition & Armor in NF
  • Different types of Shell Impacts
  • Disappearing Shells
This Guide is about the Aiming FCS/Manual Aiming

Contains Details on

  • Which keys are used to aim manually
  • How to get used to manual aiming
  • Help with the training process
  • How to properly align the Guidelines
  • How and why to optimize the Length of the Guidelines
  • How to fix the 'Stuck/Unresponsive Turrets' Bug
This Guide explains how you can properly use AA-Guns and be a worthwhile AA-Ship

Contains Details on

  • How to find the correct angles for your AA-Guns
  • How the 'Golden Angle' works
  • How to correctly aim at Planes
  • How to position yourself as AA-Escort
  • The Importance of teamplay when it comes to AA
This Guide explains how you can trade ingame and the restrictions on it

Contains Details on

  • How to set up a Trade Room
  • How to Trade Credits/Points/Sailors/Ships
  • The restrictions on Trading
This Guide explains how you can easily take screenshots and show them to others

Contains Details on

  • How to easily take Screenshots
  • How to upload any picture, including Screenshots
  • How to show pictures on the NF Forums
This Guide explains how you can use the Official NavyField TeamSpeak Server

Contains Details on

  • What TeamSpeak is
  • How to connect to the Official NF TeamSpeak Server
  • The Rules on the Official NF TeamSpeak Server
  • General usage of TeamSpeak.

Other helpful Sites about NavyField

This Page contains much information about ships, guns etc. This Page contains much useful information, also about the Ranges of Guns
This Page contains many useful tools which help you calculating stats of Sailors

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